Research & Development Laboratory

Need an Australian contract aerosol filler to bring your product ideas to life? Start the innovation process with our expert team and in-house Research & Development (R&D) facilities.

Let’s turn your product concept into a market reality. Design the exact performance, sensory experience and packaging to reflect your dream product. Our experienced team of chemists, manufacturers and supply chain experts partner with you to achieve the highest level of product quality.  

Our R&D Approach

We know that successful aerosol products hold their quality over time, long after hitting the shelves. The Moorebank R&D approach makes sure we create a consistent, quality experience for every product unit.
step 1

Concept Development

Detailed product brief including benefits and features.

step 2

Formulation Development

Comprehensive ingredients and compliance detail.

step 3


A selection of options approved for sampling and sharing.

step 4

Product Testing & Evaluation

Stability, viability and performance review under varied conditions.

step 5

Packaging and Design

Primary and secondary aerosol packaging options to suit needs.

Our Certifications & Memberships

Flexible to Your Formula Requests

If you need to rework an existing formula or develop a completely new product, our R&D laboratory is ready to meet your needs.. All product samples are then tested for stability, safety and performance, including third-party claims testing if required.

No matter what your R&D needs are, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Quality is critical when producing aerosol based consumer goods. We rigorously inspect your product prototype before manufacturing to prevent flaws in physical packaging & product integrity.

Our R&D lab inspect all aspects of product quality, including:
  • Product stability and packaging compatibility testing
  • Hair stress testing
  • Claims development testing (as required)
  • Pressure & leakage testing and more.

We Believe in Your Commercial Success

When we partner with clients on new products, our team is invested in your idea and long-term 
market success.

We take pride in knowing we created a product that performs well, remains safe and delights customers over time.

Take advantage of our tailored R&D facilities to create a product that captivates your audience. Create an experience your customers will love.