Personal Care: Aerosol Contract Manufacturing

The personal care, body care and cosmetics industries are experimenting with aerosol-based innovations and ideas. Our modern manufacturing facilities are creating groundbreaking experiences in personal care experience now more than ever. Ready to launch the next best product in body care? Bring it to life with our expert team today.

Personal Care Products We Manufacture

  • Shower Mousses
  • Body Sprays
  • Shave Foams
  • APDs
  • Deodorants
  • Moisturisers
  • Tanning Products
  • Hairsprays
  • Dry Shampoos
  • Hair Texture/Styling Sprays
  • Colour Sprays
  • Mousses

Develop a Winning Formula

Moorebank Aerosol Fillers has helped Indie Founders, established brands and retailers to launch captivating aerosol ranges to market. From conception to launch, our team will guide you through the New Product Development (NPD) process in our GMP certified manufacturing facility.

You can also explore our white-label offerings in our extensive library of body care options. Moorebank Aerosol Fillers has produced award-winning body-care products for our clients. If you have an amazing aerosol-based body care product ready to develop, we’ll help you bring it to life.

Your Full-scale Manufacturing Partner

From concept development to manufacturing, packing and delivery, partnering with Moorebank Aerosol Fillers means support at every stage. Once the NPD is completed, tap into our modern facilities, procurement expertise, and extensive supply chain network. Our manufacturing and mixing operations will swiftly create your bulk goods using carefully assembled ingredients.

With automated quality control on our filling and packing lines, every unit is checked to maintain peak performance and aesthetics. Expect a seamless manufacturing process with Moorebank by your side.

Australia’s Leading Aerosol Contract Manufacturer

Moorebank Aerosol Fillers is a pioneer of Australia’s aerosol manufacturing & filling industry. We know what success looks like in different markets, launching a wide range of body care products and new consumer experiences. Partner with us to gain generations of experience in commercialising premium aerosol products.

Our passionate team of chemists and manufacturing experts take pride in your success, whether it’s a ground-breaking new product or an offering we know and love. Meet our people, explore our facilities and start creating your aerosol-based body care product with us today.

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