Indie Brands: We’re for the Challengers

Moorebank Aerosol Fillers helps Indie brands go from niche ideas to beloved products of personal care, hair care and body care. Ready to unleash your concept into eager consumer hands? We love to help Founders like you to reach new markets with new innovations.

We Support Founder Potential

The Founders we work with are an exciting, creative bunch. We’ve helped them create innovations in showering, tanning, skincare, hair care and more. We want to help bring new ideas to the Australian market and experiment with the status quo. If you’ve got an idea for a great aerosol based product, we want to hear about it.

Tell us more about your idea. If we’re the right fit, one of our team members will get in touch.

    High Quality Products Leave a Lasting Impression

    Moorebank Aerosol Fillers has invested in advanced manufacturing technologies to guarantee the highest quality products for our clients. Our R&D facilities will rigorously test your prototype to ensure performance when reaching consumer hands. We pride ourselves on creating products that leave a lasting impression.

    We Flex To Meet Your Needs​

    We know that new product ideas require refinement, testing and finesse before they hit the market. Our team will work with you on New Product Development until you’re satisfied with a prototype that matches your concept. Once the prototype is approved, we have the R&D facilities in place to rigorously test and verify quality.

    Your NPD Coach

    The beauty, cosmetics and personal care industry is booming with innovative and creative products. We transform Founders’ ideas into reality, guiding them from R&D to manufacturing and into the hands of eager consumers. From the first conversation, we’ll start to understand your product goals and end-user experience.

    Our chemist team crafts ingredient lists that meet both local and international market standards, tirelessly prototyping until your perfect product is achieved. With us, you’ll receive end-to-end support and create a faultless, high-quality product line.

    If you’re looking for a manufacturing partner that will put expertise, care and belief into your product idea – 
contact us today.